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Glenn-WA7FSH and friends take a trip down the Nestucca River on a fishing adventure. WA7FSH on The Nestucca River Super Antenna MP1 Overview By WA7FSH WA7FSH SPECIFICATIONS: Every MP1 Super Antenna covers All Bands 40... "How To Video Tips"

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  A record number of wild coho salmon returned to the Upper Clackamas this year! A record number of wild coho salmon returned to the Upper Clackamas this year! Portland General Electric counted 10,000 fish,... "Outdoor Articles"

Our Weekly Net

The Outdoors Net Please join our weekly Outdoors Net every Thursday from 8:05PM-9:00PM PST. The primary purpose of this Net is to share Information about great Outdoors.Our primary linked repeaters of the Western Oregon Radio... "Our Weekly Net"

Parks on The Air

Parks on the Air ℠ (POTA) is an ongoing program, it encourages amateur radio operators in developing their skills, fostering community and demonstrating the hobby to the public. There are thousands of parks available in the program and each will present a unique experience.

POTA Code of Conduct:

To take part in Parks on the Air program, one must register on the website.  Parks on the Air, Inc. reserves the right to remove all access, and/or data, if one does not adhere to our Code of Conduct. The decision of the Administration Team/President will be final.

Parks on the Air (POTA) Rules:

  • The activator and all the equipment you use must be within the perimeters of the park, and on public property. Activators cannot attempt to activate from any private property as the spirit of the POTA program is to get out of the house and operate, but you can do it from a vehicle/park bench/various methods etc. The park must be OPEN. Use the map on the POTA site in combination with Google Maps, and official park sites to find the official boundaries. If the park is part of a trail system or river, you need to be within 100 feet of the trail or river. You may never trespass on private property to access state/provincial or federal lands without permission. You are taking part in this program at your own risk to following the proper law, and injury/death. The hunter can contact the activator from home or any other property.

  • Simultaneous activations of multiple references (“Multi-loc” or “two-fer”, “three-fer” etc) are possible with POTA. This should be
    considered an intermediate level skill as putting a multi-loc on the air may generate significant interest by hunters. Activators should be comfortable with running pile-ups and proper logging of single references before attempting to run multiple parks at once.
    a. All standard POTA rules apply to park boundaries for each reference area being activated. It is the activator’s responsibility to determine that operating location for their activation is valid for each reference area being activated.
    b. Separate log files must be submitted for each of the references being activated.

  • You must make a minimum of 10 QSOs for your activity to count toward a POTA activation. This must be done within the same day in Zulu Time 00:00 – 23:59.

  • Hunters still gain credit, even if the activator hasn’t reached 10 QSOs. For hunters and activators to gain credit though, the activator MUST send the log in.

  • One log can cover multiple days of activity, this includes club call signs and multiple operators One log per park please.

  • Land repeaters are NOT allowed, but satellite contacts, and all other types are permitted.

  • POTA is operated by a small group of volunteers with limited resources, so there is a limited capacity to add new parks. POTA applies the following qualification rules for adding new parks…
    a. All new parks must be owned and operated by a State/Provincial or Federal/National agency. We cannot include parks that have part/shared ownership, sponsorship, or are operated by private organizations or local governments (ex. City Parks, Sierra Club, Nature Conservancy, etc.)
    b. POTA does not create “sub-parks” within existing parks if both parks are owned and operated by the same State/Provincial or Federal/National agency.
    c. POTA requires the activator to research the park to determine that activation is within official park boundaries, and to determine that the park is open and safe to access. Any parks that do not offer an informational website and/or recent boundary map cannot be included.

Rib Mountain State Park (Parks on the Air POTA)

It’s New Year’s Eve I take a trip up our local hill to activate Rib Mountain State Park in North Central Wisconsin (POTA K-1473). The weather was nice, the views awesome, but the noise on 40m; not so much.

POTA Intro to Activating – This is an unlisted video, so it cannot be embedded into the page. It will open on You Tube and play.

POTA Logging Made EasyDownload

Download POTA CSV template file

Website Update

The Outdoors Net Website is now Live! We have been adding content on a regular basis. 73 Glenn, WA7FSH Read More "Website Update"



Our Weekly Net

The Outdoors Net

Please join our weekly Outdoors Net every Thursday from 8:05PM-9:00PM PST.

The primary purpose of this Net is to share Information about great Outdoors.

Our primary linked repeaters of the Western Oregon Radio Club, Inc. Frequency, 145.27, 145.43, 146.80, 443.150 and 442.525 MHz repeaters, all having a pl tone of 107.2.

Net Control Station
Glenn – WA7FSH


K7ATN Guest Speaker talks about SOTA during the Outdoors Net 1-21-22. This is a audio mp3 recording you can download or play.