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How to Avoid Being Eaten By a Shark WA7FSH – How to set up a Fishing Lure  11 more days of Salmon on the Columbia River Glenn-WA7FSH and friends take a trip down the Nestucca... "How To Video Tips"

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Our Weekly Net

The Outdoors Net Please join our weekly Outdoors Net every Thursday from 8:10PM-9:00PM PST. The primary purpose of this Net is to share Information about great Outdoors.The Outdoors Net Every Thursday from 8:10PM-9:00PM PST on... "Our Weekly Net"

Our Weekly Net

The Outdoors Net

Please join our weekly Outdoors Net every Thursday from 8:10PM-9:00PM PST.

The primary purpose of this Net is to share Information about great Outdoors.

The Outdoors Net Every Thursday from 8:10PM-9:00PM PST on the linked K7RPT Repeaters, Our primary repeaters are the 147.32, 442.325, 444.400, 444.125 and 147.04 megahertz linked repeaters all having a 100hZ tone, also the 146.72 megahertz repeater on Wickiup Mountain with a 114.8 hz tone.

Starting on ARRG System, Thursday June 15th, 2023!

You can also join us via 147.320 ECHOLINK: K7RPT-L on The Amateur Radio Relay Group (ARRG) System.

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Glenn – WA7FSH

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K7ATN Guest Speaker talks about SOTA during the Outdoors Net 1-21-22. This is a audio mp3 recording you can download or play.

Windy River Relay – July 22nd

A new event was added at the last minute to our schedule. It is the Windy River Relay. Station W7HTC.It will be held on July 22nd... Read More "Windy River Relay – July 22nd"

Field Day 2023 Trojan Park

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Summits on The Air

Summits on the Air (SOTA) is an award scheme for radio amateurs and shortwave listeners that encourages portable operation in mountainous areas. SOTA has been carefully designed to make participation possible for everyone – this is not just for mountaineers! SOTA is designed to be compatible with other mountain users.

SOTA is an addicting contest-like activity for amateur radio operators who love the outdoors. Activators carry portable radio gear up to designated summits and “activate” the peak by making at least four contacts from within the activation zone. Chasers hunt the activators and claim credit for the summits after making contact with an activator. For more information, see the official SOTA Website.

The pnwSOTA website was created to facilitate communication between SOTA operators in the Pacific Northwest region, as well as show off some of the activities of the top-notch folks we have in the area. On this site you will find information about getting started in SOTA as well as details about summits and activations contributed by people that are operating here.

Register Your SOTA Account & Upload Your Logs

In order to be able to upload your logs to the respective association websites you must set up an account. To do so for SOTA here is the link.

SOTA Logsheet

Welcome By WA7FSH – SOTA 2-12-22

WA7FSH & Hams SOTA Activation

SOTA main

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Mapping site

Mapping site

General Rules & Association Reference Manuals


KI7VDS Silent Key

 It is with a pain in my soul that i inform you, if you haven’t heard, that on Friday 4/7/23 Gary Moore, KI7VDS became a “Silent Key”.

   In the honor of a great friend, fishing partner and Ham that I am reaching out to everyone I can think of. I’m asking that if you have any pictures of Gary or met him at a picnic, swap meet or other event or just want to share memories, stories or simply comment about Gary please visit and post if you would like. If you would rather you can email your stories/comments to 

   Mark KC7NYR will be posting all the comments on the website and we will leave them up for all to read and reflect.

   For those of you who may of not known Gary well you will remember him as “ki7vds, Gary, Molalla” checking into the NTTN, Outdoors Net and the Oregon Emergency Net. 

   It was to my amazement that my first contact with Gary other than on the radio was shortly after I started the Outdoors Net. Gary had mentioned to me after the net one Thursday night that I needed to have a “tech tip” portion. So when I asked if he had any ideas or wanted to present something that he mailed me 4 spent CO2 cartridges that had been drilled and tapped and had an eye bolt threaded in the top. He suggested that I weigh, melt and pour lead inside the cartridge. After threading the eye bolt back in I would end up with a known weight sinker that could be attached to the bottom of the fishing line or rigged as a slider. As a fairly new Ham running a brand new net I was both surprised and thankful for his time and generosity.

   I thank each of you for your time and ask that if you know someone that knew Gary let them know or forward this email to them. Each of you are receiving this as a BCC to protect your privacy.


R.I.P. my dear friend. You are greatly missed.

 Glenn  WA7FSH