KK7HCY-Githens Peak-SOTA
KK7HCY-Githens Peak-SOTA

KK7HCY-Githens Peak-SOTA

Last Updated on October 28, 2022 by KC7NYR

SOTA pictures from activating Githens Peak W7O/WV-043 with Guy, NS0TA and my son Patrick. Snow day! on 10-23-2022 at around 11 am.

KK7HCY-Phil & his son Patrick – Githens Peak
KK7HCY-Phil & his son Patrick – Githens Peak
Githens Peak
KK7HCY-Phil Middle & Son Patrick Right
KK7HCY-Phil Left & son Patrick on Right


    1. Phil

      Hi Gerard, Githens Peak is the wooded snowy area in the photos. It is SW of Mt. Hood about 10-15 miles. Access Githens through Estacada. We definitely got wet. Even the expensive rain gear didn’t hold out the wetness. The radios seemed to do fine. Yaesu makes a tough radio (FT-300).
      Mt. Hood, as seen from Wildcat 2 days prior, shown in the round pic (taken through binoculars). Wildcat Mountain was warm and dry! It’s about 5 miles or less from Githens toward Mt. Hood. Access through Rhododendron or the Eagle Creek side.

  1. Great pictures Phil. Sure looks like fun. I’m a little jealous and very sad that I can’t get away from the truck and see some of these places.
    I have my HF rig working well now so be sure to announce, post and text where you are headed next.
    Thanks again for sending these in.

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