Field Day 2023 Trojan Park
Field Day 2023 Trojan Park

Field Day 2023 Trojan Park

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Trojan Park 20203

Hello All   

So the following is a list of what I can think of right now. I’m adding and subtracting all the time.  SO… if you can bring something please put your call sign on the empty line that I leave below the item. If you can bring more than 1 of then write a 2 or 4 or ?? beside your call.

This is not meant to be the final list so, please feel free to add an item if you think it might be helpful. Also I would like this to be a family friendly event and to that end I’ve added some items. Obviously that’s your own list.

Ultimately we need as many as 4 – 5 sunshades with 3 being Ham shacks.

You each have your own goals I’m sure. My goal for the group is to make 3 contacts on every band between 80 m to 33 cm. Our only shortage standing in our way is a 6 meter radio and a 1.25 (220Mhz) radio and antenna.

Let’s have fun!


ke7eqs-6meter, wa7fsh-6meter-mp1 super antenna-80meter horizontal loop

6 meter radio

1.25 meter radio

1.25 meter antenna

COAX … We need long runs and plenty of jumpers both. I want meters on everything possible

COAX … Fittings / Connectors / Terminals

Meters / Test equipment

Batteries & USB chargers

wa7fsh-AGM Intel (4),

Solar panels

wa7fsh-briefcase size but no controller

Charge controllers

Headphones / headphone splitter


Laptop / Tablet / Phone / Mobile Hotspot / Paper&Pens

laptop 1/phone-hotspot 2 tablet 1,

Tripods / camera tripods

Masting / PVC pipe

wa7fsh masting 15′,


wa7fsh 2, ke7eqs 1,


wa7fsh 1 extra,

Para-cord / pulleys / carabiner 

Tent / Sunshades

wa7fsh, kk7hld

Ground rod for each Ham Shack


Ground wire / counterpoise wire

14awg solid 30′

Bug spray

Food / snacks…also check with Dave KK7HLD if buns for burgers or dogs is needed, paperplates, salad?????????????????

kk7hld burgers&buns, ke7eqs bbq chicken, wa7fsh-paper plates


Balls / Fribees

tennis balls for dogs-2… lol


 We start transmitting at 11am???? Or is it 10am?

No matter,  I am guessing a good 2+ hours to have everything right and tight. It’s most likely going to take me closer to 4 hours as I have a 2 rod endorsement on my fishing license ? 

C’mon people , you didn’t think I would pass this up did you??

 Set up starts any time prior to 8:am. At 8:01am you’re going to have to hussel.  

As for where we will set up just inside the park on the left side of the main entrance. You will see a small road on the left with a white gate then a large tree with parking underneath and a porta-potti. The grass covered flat area behind the tree and outhouse is my idea. 

  If you drive in the park and get to the ponds (one on each side of the road) you’ve gone to far.  I will respond to this with long., lat. In a few.  

  I drive a white Ford  F-150 with my call on the plate. Can’t miss it.Go here: 

46 degrees, 2 minutes, 11 seconds North by 122 degrees, 53 minutes, 34 seconds West

Happy Field Day & 73,

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