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How To Video Tips

How To Video Tips

How to Avoid Being Eaten By a Shark

WA7FSH – How to set up a Fishing Lure 

11 more days of Salmon on the Columbia River

Glenn-WA7FSH and friends take a trip down the Nestucca River on a fishing adventure.

WA7FSH on The Nestucca River
Super Antenna MP1 Overview By WA7FSH


Every MP1 Super Antenna covers All Bands 40 meters through 10 meters, and continuously covers all frequencies 7 MHz~30 MHz & every frequency in between, plus VHF 6 meters – 4 meters – 2 meters – 220 and UHF 70 cm. All in one antenna.

Recycle and Reuse!!

We are planning to create how to videos and upload them on this page. They will be higher quality and will fit the page better. Your patience is appreciate as we get things under way.

This Website is Under Development. Your patience is appreciated.


  1. Casey Holmes KJ7WZT

    Hey Glen! Nice website, buddy!
    You were saying on the net last night that we should send some pics of our fishes and mountain biking trips from the Tillamook State Forest. Send us an email and we will send some pics! Sight looks great! Keep up the awesome work. You are a stand up citizen.

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