The Outdoors Net
Our Weekly Net

Our Weekly Net

The Outdoors Net

Please join our weekly Outdoors Net every Thursday from 8:05PM-9:00PM PST.

The primary purpose of this Net is to share Information about great Outdoors.

Our primary linked repeaters of the Western Oregon Radio Club, Inc. Frequency, 145.27, 145.43, 146.80, 443.150 and 442.525 MHz repeaters, all having a pl tone of 107.2.

Net Operations

Glenn – WA7FSH (Net Manager)

Phil – KK7HCY (Net Control Station)

Chris – WA4NDR (Net Control Station)

Tom – KK7FBL (Net Control Station)

KZ7JWW -Jay (Net Control Station)

KC7NYR – Mark (Net Control Station)

K7ATN Guest Speaker talks about SOTA during the Outdoors Net 1-21-22. This is a audio mp3 recording you can download or play.


    1. Thanks Ken. Keep listening in and when you get that ticket jump in. This is a particapant driven group. “Any activity that gets you off the couch is fair game”. Feel free to drop me a line on any platform. There is a facebook page called The fishing Net. I do post and go live on there once in awhile … lol Email me and I’ll shoot my mobile if you want to text.

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