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Welcome to our Outdoor Sweep Meet Page. This is our place to trade, swap and sell Outdoors or Ham Radio gear.

Sweet Meet Posting Rules

The Outdoors Net will not be involved directly with the sale or transfer of any Outdoors or Ham Radio gear posted on this website.

If you want to post any Outdoors or Ham Radio gear, just go to the contact page and provide all the information and send it to The Outdoors Net for approval to be posted.

A valid call sign, name and email address must be provided in order for your items to be posted on the Swap Meet page.

If an interested Ham/person wants to contact you directly, your email address will be listed with your posted items so you will contacted by any interested party, NOT by The Outdoors Net. This way all correspondence will between you and the interested party only.

Disclaimer: The Outdoors Net will take no responsibility or liability of any sales or correspondence between any seller or buyer. Please review the Disclaimer page for the use of this website.

All those pieces of aluminum is complete 11 meter 5/8 wave antenna with ground plane kit. Will tune on 10 and 12 but that’s all I’ve tried. Make offer but it’s not free. There is a used 3 times 75 meter Ham Stick in the yellow package. I bought it at HRO. The fishing poles are for sale too.

Contact Glenn – WA7FSH

2 Meter Tape Antenna – This is a 2 meter only that I built. Make me an offer.

Contact Glenn – WA7FSH

KL203P 10 Meter Amp

10 meter amp with a cooked capacitor. Cap numbers are unreadable and I couldn’t find it online. Will safely do 150W not 300 like the guy I got it from. I gave him $20 for it so that’s what I’m asking.

Contact Glenn – WA7FSH

MFJ-1270PI, Raspberry Pi TNC | MFJ Enterprises Inc for Sell

This lets you build an iGate, Digipeater, RMS gateway, and more that can go anywhere! Use widely-available free software such as Xastir, LinBPQ, or APBx.

Contact: Trevor-KJ7MLK

Kestrel 5500 mobile weather radio

I’m posting this for Daniel W7DJL. He has a weather station for sale. Pictures are below. Comes with the weather vane and stand as well as the waterproof device.


MSRP $400-450

Contact: Trevor-KJ7MLK

Ringo 2 meter base antenna, used and in decent shape.

Contact Glenn – WA7FSH

Dual band 2M/70M magnetic mount antenna. Just took it off the truck, works excellent.

Contact Glenn – WA7FSH

1970’s special forces radio designed to be dropped in and then carried around by troops. HF, 2 different antennas, dual power, built in amp, key and phone … etc…. still in original case.




26.5vdc or115v 400 olms


mfr 13499

Price: Negotiable

Contact Glenn – WA7FSH



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